An informative exhibit for the general public of all ages, «Honey Roads», the culmination of 10 years of reporting in 25 countries and on 4 continents, takes the visitor on an exceptional journey into the heart of the hive to discover the relationships between humankind and bees throughout the world.

From the most rudimentary honey harvests by hunter-gatherers to the commercial exploitation of bees for honey and pollination of orchards in the United States, the exhibition provides the public with a complete overview of honeybees and their vital relationship with humanity. Without bees, there would be no more fruits, no more vegetables or nuts… And, above all, a natural environment poor in vegetable proteins. Pollination by bees, a free service provided by nature, represents the equivalent of 153 billion dollars of value for the farming industry. More than 30% of our food directly depends on this service. We will propose some educational activities with the local associations to provide a real public understanding of the honeybees, how to protect them and create public awareness to their dissapearance.